Building Consultancy

Building Consultancy

 Building design:

To make a complete building, we provide building design solution to consumers which included Architectural plan, structural design, plumbing design, and electrical design.To give proper guideline on Soil test & digital survey and RAJUK or CDA approval plan.

Interior Solution:

we are specialized on interior design to enhance the building beauty more aesthetically. Apart from this to make complete flat interior, we are also providing customized interior solution on living room, drawing room, bed room and kitchen interior as per client’s demand 

Financial Solutions:

We observe that most of the people have  desire to make a building of his/her own land, sometimes this dream remains untouched due to lack of finance. We make ensure required finance to make a building after meeting up certain conditions.  Recently, we have sign a memorandum with IDLC   (Largest non-banking financial institute in Bangladesh), aiming to finance our client

1. Building Design
a. Architectural planning and design.
b. Structural planning and design.
c. Plumbing planning and design
d. Electrical planning and design.
e. BOQ.
g. As  Built Drawing 
2. Digital Land survey 
3. Soil test 
4. RAJUK/CDA/LOCAL govt. approval 
5. Interior planning and design.
6. Financial Solution